“Stop asking for permission to live the life you want!”

Dr. Salary’s trademarked proven programs are about one thing… taking control of your life. He believes that there are too many outside forces that attempt to control your life. When these forces control your life, it unfortunately doesn’t always go the way you want it to. He empowers his audience to take back that control and lead their lives in the way that they should go… your way!

Effective Writing – Workshop (120 min)

Effective Presentations – Workshop (120 min)

Bring Your 'A' Game – Keynote (45 min)

Potential > Problem – Keynote (60-75 min)

The CEO Life – Keynote / Workshop (45-60 min)

RE 3 – Keynote / Workshop (45-60 min)

Team Builders (Various activities) – (20-60 min)

Have an event with a specific topic or theme? Tell Dr. Salary about it and he can personalize his message just for your organization!

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